Catering on Birthday Party

When you choose Irie I Bistro catering for your event, you may enjoy the party of a lifetime!

Our food is like no other, but as the Jamaicans would say, “Yuh caa find food nica dan dis!”

Give us a call to set up all your Jamaican party meals prepared by chefs skilled in making delectable Jamaican cuisine.

We have excellent curry goat, pepper shrimp, sweet oxtail stew, juicy patties, and more. Don’t even let us get started.

Do you know what a decent Jamaican patty tastes like? A delicious beef patty that is chewed up to taste like bliss.

Have you ever had a dish that smells and looks so amazing it makes you want to salivate, like a juicy fall-off-the-bone oxtail?

Call us immediately if you want a fantastic Jamaican treat for your birthday celebration.

Please contact us to further discuss your events need