What is it:

It is a large round starchy fruit of a tropical tree, which is used as a vegetable and sometimes to make as a substitute for flour. The large evergreen tree which bears breadfruit, which is widely cultivated on the islands of the Pacific and the Caribbean. Breadfruit is also called “breshay” by some Jamaicans. The best breadfruit to be roasted or baked (which is how we prepare breadfruit) is the yellow heart, meaning inside the breadfruit is yellow.


If you can’t get the yellow heart use the white instead. When cooked, the taste of moderately ripe breadfruit is described as potato-like, or similarly to freshly baked bread. Breadfruit can also be boiled or fried. 


What to eat with:

Ackee and saltfish, callaloo, curry chicken, curry goat, salt mackerel and other side dish for breakfast lunch or dinner.