What is it:

One of Jamaica’s oldest dishes, “escovitch “ refers to the method of marinating fish in a spicy sauce. The name comes from the Spanish word “escabeche”, which means “marinated”. The fish is lightly drained, and then soaked in a marinade of vinegar boiled with onions, choco (a native vegetable), carrots hot peppers, and pimento. Popular fishes are Red snapper, Pink Parrot, Butterfish and Doctor fish.


What to eat with:

Bammy – tart, spicy and slightly sweet sauce and vegetables topped with red snapper.


Fun Facts:

Bammy is a great tasting vegan – paleo, and grain free flat bread made with grated cassava and dipped in coconut milk until golden. It is also said to be the bread that Christopher Columbus ate with his crew at their first meeting with Arawak indians, who were the first inhabitants of Jamaica.