What is it:

Fish tea has long been a favorite starter before meals, especially at events on the island. Normally, fish tea is served in a little foam cup, it cab be a meal or a soup. It is more of a broth soup or a light soup, and this is mainly because, typically, true Jamaican soups are hearty, thick, and resemble a stew more than a bowl of soup. Unlike most other traditional soups, fish tea is quick and easy to make and can within an hour. Fish tea is normally made with small, cheap fish such as sprat or herring, but you can use any fish you have or prefer. Red snapper is quickly become a favorite because it has very few bones and is very fleshy.


You can make fish tea as hearty as you would prefer it, and this recipe has included slightly more vegetables, such cabbage and carrots, but you are free to leave these out if you are looking for a fish tea that will serve more as an appetizer.