What is it:

This is a soup made from the head, feet and tripe of the ram goat. In some countries it is know as Billie goat. It is very important to use the ram goat because it gives a different flavor than the “she goat”, yes that is what we call a nanny goat. Another important ingredient in the mannish water is young bananas. You slice the bananas thinly with the skin and cook them in the soup. Ingredients include yellow yam, dumpling, potato, pumpkin and carrots. You can add other things if you like. Use a ram goat noodle to flavor the soup!


You can get it from your local butcher shop where it is cleaned, inspected, and prepared for sale to the general public. Now if you kill the goat yourself you will have to burn all the hair off its head before you cook it. 


What to eat with:

By itself.


Fun Facts:

Jamaicans have been preparing this soup for many years. It is believed by some Jamaican men that this soup makes you a “champion” in the bedroom. Meaning you can take on any challenges that arises! They say it makes them deliver on their promises to the ladies.