What is it:

Jamaican Meat Loaf is described by some as the “little brother” to the Jamaican beef patty, even though it is bigger in size. Some say this because it is simply a cocoa bread with the filling from a patty. If you love Jamaican beef patties, you will the Jamaican Meat Loaf. First of all they are neither loaves, and neither do they they have cocoa nor coco in them. Jamaican meatloaf is savory pastry made with a bread dough covering which hides a spicy and mouthwatering meat filling. The meat most commonly used is minced beef but people have been known to use other meats.


The coco bread has no filling. It is often used as the bread for a delicious sandwich, or to slap a patty in. If you are particularly hungry.


What to eat with:

Jamaican beef patty.