What is it:

Tripe and beans is one of those dishes that gives you the feeling that you have made something special and no one can question it. You see, this is one meal some people will politely say “no thank you” to because not everyone who tries to to make this Jamaican delicacy often succeeds. First of all the must innards must be cleaned by experience personnel…namely your granny.


And most people would rather pass on the few “delicate” and time-consuming steps that must be taken to properly prepare before cooking this dinner. Be that as it may, a good plate of this delicacy with spinners {small dumplings} on a weekly afternoon just as the sun is going down can’t be beat by anything in the Jamaican culinary roster.


This dish is best made with fresh cow’s tripe, sometimes a day old. However, nowadays you don’t have to worry about the age because everything is mixed up, cleaned, and placed in the refrigerator at the butcher’s shop for sale.


What to eat with:

White rice and butter beans.