Tripe and Beans

What is it: Tripe and beans is one of those dishes that gives you the feeling that you have made something special and no one can question it. You see, this is one meal some people will politely say “no thank you” to because not everyone who tries to to make this Jamaican delicacy often […]


What is it: The susumber berry is a member of the fruit family Solanacea native to Peru, Venezuela, and the Caribbean. It is traditionally used in Jamaican cooking after washing and cooking to a crisp state. The berries are typically picked at various stages of development. Here in Jamaica the berries commonly grows wild on […]

Steamed Fish

What is it: Well at this point there is no particular order because all Jamaican dishes are loved all over the world. In Jamaica steamed fish is actually stewed fish. It is mostly done on the beach especially Hellshire and some other very popular beaches here. Scallion, pimento, pepper, thyme, carrots, and potatoes are done […]

Saltfish Fritters

What is it: A Jamaican staple at breakfast, these fritters are made coating soaked and dried saltfish in flour, adding in onion, and peppers, and then frying to perfection.   What to eat with: Scotch bonnet or sweet chili pepper dipping sauce.   Fun facts: The sweet version of these fish cakes are known as […]

Salt Mackerel

What is it: Salted mackerel is another name for pickled mackerel, which is preserved in a salty brine. A favorite in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean, some call it “pick up mackerel” because the fish is torn into small pieces after bones have been removed – perfect for “picking up” with your fingers. The mackerel […]

Run Down

What is it: Run down is a flavorful Jamaican fish stew. It is traditionally cooked in coconut milk, onions, garlic, and tomatoes until it develops a thick consistency. It is a traditional Jamaican food that many Jamaicans abroad cite as the one dish they miss most from home.   Run down is usually made with […]

Rice and Peas

What is it: One of Jamaica’s most popular dishes made from rice cooked with beans with coconut milk and seasonings stirred into the mix. Depending on your preference, either “gungo” peas (pigeon peas) or “red peas “(kidney beans) can be used.   What to eat with: Anything you would eat with rice.   Fun Facts: […]

Red Stew Peas

What is it: The ultimate comfort of this dish, this stew is made using kidney beans and meat [usually pigtail] simmered in coconut milk broth spices and spinners (boiled, oval-like dumplings).   What to eat with: White rice   Fun Facts: There are no actual peas in this stew. Kidney beans are referred to red […]

Red Peas Soup

What is it: Made with salt beef and or pigtails. Pigtail in Jamaica is cured with salt and has to be soaked overnight or preboil for a few minutes to get some salt out before cooking. This dish is made with the peas, taro, yellow yam, dumplings and scallion, pimento, thyme and pepper. You have […]

Pepper Pot Soup

What is it: Not to be confused with the stew pepper pot, which is also found in Jamaica one of the best things to eat in Barbados.   This soup is similar to spinach soup, where callaloo replaces the spinach. It is seasoned with scotch bonnet peppers, okras, coconut milk, pimento berries and is quite […]